Thursday, December 11, 2003

Business Good News Keeps Coming In

At least for the segments I watch. Two headlines that caught my eye today:

IDC Raises PC Forecast for 2003 & 2004

JP Morgan Raises Semiconductor Capital Spending Forecast in 2003, 2004

A few more articles I found today continue the general theme of a broad based recovery in the tech sector. In my particular product category, we are warning our customers to book early for 2004 orders since we are anticipating lengthening lead times and even shortages as we frantically increase capacity (meaning we are ramping capital investment and hiring). I have a meeting on Friday with a company we have never done business with who wants to lock in a long-term supply contract, and my old customers who used to try to renegotiate their pricing down every month are now playing nice and not talking about price - just about getting supply.

These little data points really make me believe that the economy will not be an issue in next year's election. There can be differences of opinion on other matters, but a "poor economy" won't be a legitimate sound bite.

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