Sunday, March 21, 2004

BFL "Mini" Lunch in Pasadena

Friday's Bear Flag League lunch was a small, if very fun event. There were only three of us: Calblog (Justene), Daily Prescott (Patrick) and your's truly. It was simply too hard for a lot of people to make a lunch event during a work day and a lot of "maybes" became "nos", so Justene announced that all future events will be on the weekend (like the last one, which had a much larger turn out).

The smallness of the group didn't detract from the conversation as the three of us chatted away for nearly two hours. We would have sat there longer if it weren't for a personal errand that Justene had and a business meeting I had (Patrick had the day off). Since it was only the three of us, I decided not to take pics.

Special thanks for Justene for picking up the tab! I hope to make the weekend event next month and meet more of my fellow BFL bloggers.

Also, here are some pics from the lovely Pasadena court house:

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