Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Nice Respite from American News

Been over here several days and haven't seen nor heard of Abu Ghraib, which still seems to be getting 24/7 news coverage over in the U.S. The sinking of the Hyundai car transport is what got all the headlines this morning, along with Korea's Presidential Crisis of the Week TM. International news concentrated on N. Korea's repatriation of Japanese citizens after kidnapping them decades ago and the fact that they still hold in captivity 500 S. Korean citizens kidnapped since the end of Korean War (and people want to trust this country with a nuclear treaty?).

Bush's speech did make the news and it was actually playing in the domestic airport this morning with a Korean voice over. Bush's Korean voice unfortunately didn't sound like him, and I think he may have had a problem with coming up with direct translation terms for "Evil Doers" and "misunderestimate".

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