Friday, July 16, 2004

Ronco's Gut-B-Gone Now Covered by Medicare

Great.  Like the program isn't insolvant enough: Medicare redefines obesity as medical condition:
In a major decision that turns obesity from a personal failure to a medical problem, Medicare announced Thursday that it would remove barriers to covering anti-obesity treatments after 40 years of saying fat was not an illness and not covered.
Now slobs who can't control their eating or won't get off the couch can now stick it to the taxpayers.  I'd be in favor of it if there would no longer be people next to me on airplanes with guts spilling over into my seat, but my bet is that this move will do absolutely nothing to stop obesity.

Update: On a somewhat related write-up, Jim Carson has a very good article on why it's so difficult to lose weight.  The bottom line: it takes time and dedication, something Americans accustomed to instant gratification simply won' t do.

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