Tuesday, August 31, 2004

TSG Proves You Can Put Almost Anyone on a Stamp

As some readers may recall "Blogstamps" made the rounds after the U.S. postal service introduced, through stamps.com, a program to allow people to create personalized postage stamps, with some restrictions for "offensive or objectionable material".

Thanks to head's-up from Jim Carson, here's a link to the The Smoking Gun, who decided to see what images they could slip past the censors. They came up with some interesting, if not particularly funny, results. As a censor I would have caught most of them, although I have to admit that I would have missed Hoffa and Ceaucescu (Hoffa was before my time and I only saw a picture of Ceaucescu after we was rightfully lined up and shot). I think the younger pictures of Kaczynski are a cheap shot since the censors did bounce the mug-shot picture of him.

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