Thursday, December 09, 2004

Don't Bring Fido with You to Korea

They eat dog in Korea. I've never had it (I'll stick to eating whale), but I have seen dog restaurants in Seoul (it is served in specialty places, sort of like KFC is for chicken, so it isn't found on the menu in other types of restaurants).

Over dinner last night (we were eating beef), my colleagues gave me a few interesting factoids on this subject:
o There are a large number of Koreans who won't touch it, and there are movements to curb the practice to bring it more in line with the West, but contrary to what Westerners might read and what I wrote in the above linked post, it is still a relatively popular dish.

o It's seasonal, eaten in the summer months. The belief is that it helps bring back nutrients lost through sweating in the hot, humid summer.

o It's recommended after surgery since it is believed to help the healing process of muscles more than other types of protein.

o The dish is also popular in ceratain regions of China, although that's no surprise considering what else you can find on the menus there.

o Like cattle, the ones they eat are specially bred for the purpose of eating - they don't go around and clean out the pounds. Dogs can be found as pets here (but are rare since so many Koreans live in small houses and apartments) so Koreans sort of think of two types of dogs: pet dogs and food dogs.
That being said, Korea has some outstanding dishes that I thoroughly enjoy, which I will make a topic of another post.

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