Sunday, July 24, 2005

My Million Dollar Book Idea

While working out for the third time in 36 hours this weekend, the thought occurred to me for a weight-loss book that would sell millions. And it would be short - only two sentences.

Title: How to lose 25 lbs in 6 months

Sentence 1: Exercise more
Sentence 2: Eat Less

Okay, maybe it's not THAT simple. One has to have time to exercise, and I understand that those with heavy job and family responsibilities may have trouble doing that. So I think the real trick is finding an exercise that you really enjoy. This way it isn't about "exercising", it's about making time for a hobby. And fitness becomes just a byproduct of the hobby.

For example, I know tons of people who swear that running just melts pounds away. It's probably true, but even in my current high-stamina, limber state, the thought of lacing up shoes and jogging down some road Suit me up in a martial arts uniform and tell me you are going to work my butt off to the point that I am gasping for air and have legs that feel like lead weights, and I'm there. For me, I also think the group dynamic of martial arts helps versus running, which is largely a solo activity.

So my book is now more than two sentences.

Then I would have to add an "afterword" for those who are successful in their weight-loss program: people who tell you that you look too thin. Mothers and grandmothers fall into this category, especially ones who like to cook. So I am bracing myself for my next visit with my Ukrainian grandmother-in-law. She will take one look and start immediately start feeding me.

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