Saturday, July 16, 2005

No More Whale

In a post earlier this week I talked about how I wasn't all that concerned about my daily traffic since I see blogging more as a pastime than anything else. It's also a way to organize my thoughts, meet like-minded people, and share ideas and jokes.

So if I am not going to concern myself over traffic, the same should also be true for "linkage", which is another metric bloggers measure themselves by. The most popular method for this is the TLB system. I have to admit this was a good milestone to measure oneself while getting going, but after a year or so at the same spot, I think this tool no longer applies to me.

So while I will probably check it from time to time, I am taking it off the sidebar. Actually, I would have done it sooner except I thought the picture I used for my ranking of "Large Mammal" was pretty cool, so I will miss that more than anything else.

I'll probably make some other changes in the coming weeks.

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