Sunday, September 18, 2005

I Don't Blog from Dictatorships

I am actually posting this from "Good" China (i.e. Taiwan) since I am not going to post while in Red China.

Part of this is because I am staying a good 2 hours outside Shanghai where the factory I am visiting is located, which I expect is a new concrete building out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rice patties and farms. So I expect hotel internet access - and possibly running water - to be an impossible luxury.

The other reason is that China is still run by Godless commie bastards that might throw me out of the country just for writing this very sentence. So I think it would be best that I not blog from there, or even hit my own web site should I happen to get internet access while over there.

If anything interesting happens there I'll write about it when I get to a free country.

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