Monday, September 26, 2005

iPod Nano: 10,000+ Miles and No Problems

Reader Jim sends in the following link from a website that is complaining about cracking screens on iPod Nanos and wonders if I am having any problems.

I took the Nano to Asia and back and used it extensively on the plane, had it in my pocket as I deplaned and whatever word is used for getting on the plane (inplaned?), and stored it in a pocket of my computer bag at all other times. With all this heavy travel I have not had any major problems.

That is not to say that it is perfect. Here are my complaints so far:

  • Surface Easy to Scratch - While I don't have the severe problems listed in the website above, there are a few light scratches, although these can only be seen if held at an angle to the light and aren't too severe. While I understand that electronic components will show a little wear and tear, it does seem they should have put a more scratch-resistant material on a portable product like this.

  • Sky-High Accessories - One of the solutions to protecting the body from scratches is to get an iPod Nano "sleeve" which puts a clear or colored protective case over the Nano. These probably cost a few pennies to make in China, but I have to shell out $30 for five. The same economics are used for the arm-band, which will set me back another $30. So for a few plastic coverings and a leather thingy to exercise with, I am spending nearly 25% of what I originally paid for the Nano in the fist place. I understand that Apple has to make money, but these sort of margins are a little ridiculous. While this will leave room for entrepreneurs to exploit, early adopters like me have little choice.

  • Not Enough Memory - I knew this going into the deal, but 4 Gigs holds a only fraction of my library, and I would ideally like to synch everything on my PC to the Nano. I just had to have the small size and weight for international travel, so is something I have to live with.

But even with these complaints, I have to say I am thrilled with the product. It is the perfect size and weight, and if they correct these few items, I would go from thrilled to ecstatic. I will, however, keep an eye on developments on the cracked screen problem since this looks like it could turn into a major issue for some users.

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