Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jetlagged Thoughts

As I sit here at home trying to stay awake in order to get back on PDT, here are some of the random thoughts going through my jetlagged brain:

  • Don't Get Stuck with Free Time in Taiwan - While being stuck in Hong Kong is fun, I can't say the same of Taiwan. There just isn't as much to do there and it isn't quite as easy to get around. There are some night markets that are pretty neat, but that isn't helpful when you have an afternoon to kill.

  • Airplane Movies Are Good Only When You Haven't Seen Them - When I used to travel overseas a lot, I didn't rent recent movies so I would have something new to watch on the plane. Since it looks like I will be in heavy travel mode once again, it looks like I will have to re-start this policy. That and bring some Netflix movies along.

  • Mr. And Mrs. Smith Was Better Than I Thought - This was one of the movies-I-haven't-seen that was on the plane, and it was a lot better than I thought it would be. In fact, I liked it a lot. It helped that Angelina Jolie is, well, really hot. Maybe Brad wasn't so stupid to dump Jennifer Aniston.

  • Driving a Car is Strange After a Week of Not Driving - Every time I go overseas it means that I am not behind the wheel of a car for week or two. And coming back and driving after a week or two off is actually a little strange.

  • Jetlag Sucks - Self explanatory.

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