Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bragging Rights on the Director's Blog

Similar to the post below where I have to give up bragging rights when my team loses, it looks like I have to do the same on the Miers nomination.

Note that I was never "for" Miers - I just thought that she should get her fair hearing before the Senate, at which time I would have made my decision. I felt there was not enough information out there to make a decision - and certainly not enough to oppose her outright - but many on the Right thought this lack of information was a defacto reason to oppose her.

Anyone who is nominated for a position should be able to get their up or down vote in the Senate, but now the partisans on the right join their colleagues on the left in being comfortable in creating an atmosphere of shrill yelling and name calling in order to get nominees to withdraw before they had a chance to defend themselves.

So I guess what people want is for the Supreme Court to be a set of high priests - exalted sages removed from the common man - who interpret this strange "Constitution". We poor commoners without a law degree and years of cloistered study will never be qualified to comprehend this strange document and therefore not even qualified to comment on what their rulings are.

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