Friday, January 13, 2006

I Look the Same - Except for the Poofy Hair

In an earlier post I tracked racked down current pictures of girls I used to date and made fun of how they look today. I was able to be smug since I claim "I look the same today" as I did back in high school.

In preparation for my upcoming 20 year high school reunion, I was asked to put together a "then and now" photo comparison, so I was able to put this claim to the test. Comparing a prom photo and a recent pic from my vacation in Mexico, I would say that I look pretty much the same - except for the 80's poofy hair:

Maybe I have a few more lines in the face, but I would say it is a pretty good match for 20 years.

In light of this comparison and the earlier post on my exes - and based on other obvervations I have had - is it fair to say that men generally age better than women? Or this just an individual thing?

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