Saturday, April 08, 2006

How Many Times Have You Been To...?

I was in Taiwan part of last week, which is the reason for the light posting. I was in a contract negotiation and the opposing counsel asked the same small-talk question that always comes up in overseas business meetings: So, how many times have you been to Taiwan?

My response was "About a dozen times", but the right answer is "I don't know". I decided to fix this and sit down with my current and expired passports and go through the stamps. Yes, it's a little tedious, but worthwhile. Here is what I got:

All the Asia travel is since 1998. I have a country breakdown for "W. Europe" when I first started traveling there in 1992, but after a few years all the entries and exits became EU, so I just put it all as W. Europe. This doesn't include Mexico, which doesn't stamp U.S. passports.

I wasn't too far off my Taiwan estimate. Japan is actually less than I thought, but maybe that is because I have spent more than two months in the country altogether.

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