Monday, April 17, 2006

Then Why Aren't Women Swooning Over Me?

Is it the short hair? The lack of an accent?

Wait, let me start from the beginning. There is this face-recognition website that will look at your picture and analyze which celebrities you look like (requires registration - give them a dummy email address). So I uploaded my picture and got....Antonio Banderas:

I dunno. I guess there IS an resemblance, but for the record the match is just over 55%. Maybe the one-day shadow gave me the match?

Other celebrates it matched me to were Frank Sinatra (55%) and Joe Pesci (50%). Then there were a couple of guys I never heard of: Joshua Jackson and Matthew Lillard. The woman I look most like - according to this software - is Greta Garbo at 52%. My sister apparently isn't in the database.

So treat this thing as nothing more than a conversation (and blogging) piece.

Hat Tip: Caltech Girl

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