Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Day Without Caffeine

Mrs. Director says I have been irritable lately, and it's true. So one of the many things I thought I would try is going off caffeine to see if it would help. I am not sure I am going to make it more than one day, however, as the results so far are not promising:

8am - Eat breakfast with only OJ. No problem so far.

9am - On the way out for a Sunday outing with the Munchkin, I pass a Starbucks. I woefully lick my lips and wonder if a decaf drink would be okay, but decide it isn't and press on.

11am - Hints of a headache start to appear, and the hints are not promising.

Noon - Full fledge headache rages between my temples. I order Munchkin lunch, but pass on getting myself a coke to relieve the withdraw symptoms. I suffer in silence

2pm - The icepick that is lodged in my skull (well, that is what it feels like) takes my mind off my thighs and hips, meaning that my Sunday bike ride goes really really well. I get a good pace going by rotating my legs to the beat of the throbbing in my head.

4:30pm - The raging headache has subsided to a low-level throb

5:01pm - My bar is now open, so I can chase away the caffeine withdraw with some alcoholic numbing.

So I made it to at least the point where I can substitute another addiction substance that I enjoy periodically. Can I keep this up? I'll find out tomorrow.

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