Saturday, January 27, 2007

Any Inconsitency Here?

Monday: TI CEO To Layoff U.S. Engineers

(TI CEO) Templeton also announced a change in TI's product development strategy. Instead of creating its own core technology, TI will work with foundry partners to specify and drive the next generations of digital process technology, he said.

...TI expects to save about $200 million through this strategy, Templeton said, and the company will eliminate about 500 jobs by the end of the year.

Translation: we're going to outsource some of our R&D to our partners' engineers overseas.

Friday: TI CEO Lauds Engineering Studies

In a speech Thursday evening at the University of Texas at Austin's college of engineering, TI President and CEO Rich Templeton praised a group of students for "choosing wisely" and entering the engineering field.

Hypocritical? Maybe not since most of the engineering students he was addressing were foreign anyway.

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