Thursday, January 18, 2007

Traveling Is Hard Work

At Home

Little Miss Director slammed her door and shouted “I don’t want to go to school!” Mrs. Director was exacerbated. She had a meeting with the CEO in 45 minutes and during that time she had to get her daughter calmed down, dressed, driven to school, make it into work, gather her presentation, and make it to the meeting. She hurried to finish her make-up so she could start dealing with a defiant five year old who had started acting like a three year old the moment her father left for his trip. It was a lot of work dealing with a five-year-old by herself, but she knew her husband was working hard to provide for the family and that his overseas trips were long and tiring.

William tasted the Bordeaux and nodded at the sommelier. It wasn’t a Grand Cru, but it was very good. After the glasses were poured the waiter came over and dutifully and informed them that the first plate of their five course meal would be out shortly. If it weren’t for the waiter’s Japanese accent William would have forgotten he was in Tokyo. The customer, a lover of Continental cuisine, asked if he could be taken to one of the finer French restaurants in Tokyo, and William obliged. He looked out over Tokyo Bay, seeing a bridge that looked amazingly close to the Bay Bridge going over the water. Classical music played in the background and a gentle rain fell on a quaint garden just outside the window. William yawned with jetlag, had another drink of wine, and settled himself in as the salad course was presented in front of him with a flourish. Yes, this was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

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