Monday, February 19, 2007

When Did Presidents' Day Become A Major Holiday?

When I was a kid Presidents' Day was one of those holidays where you didn't get mail, but you still had to go to school. There were half a dozen "holidays" like that, such as Veterans Day, Flag Day and a few others.

Fast forward into the 90's and it was pretty much the same thing. My brother who worked in banking got the day off, but I, and everyone else I knew who didn't work for NASA or the post office, still had to go to work.

Fast forward another decade and it is almost a major holiday. I get it off, my wife gets it off and my kid gets it off. Most the kids on the block have the whole WEEK off - something about "ski week" - but it starts with Presidents' Day.

And because we are all sitting around thinking about past Chief Executives of our democracy, the next thing we'll see are Presidents' Day greeting cards. But it's not like I'm complaining. I'll take all the three day weekends I can get, although I'll be putting in a few hours of work, just like any other weekend day.

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