Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This iPod Thing Is Going Too Far

That's seven iPods in my household:

- One 2nd Generation (lower right) - This was the first one in the collection and has TEN gig (big at the time). I got this Christmas 2002 for my frequent plane trips. This has been put out to pasture and is just used as a back-up hard drive.

- One mini (lower left, blue) - This was Mrs. Director's first, and a direct result of me having one. This is now retired as the "car iPod" and sits permanently connected into Mrs. Director's car audio system.

- One nano (upper left) - The iPod arms race was on. Mrs. Director had the mini, and my 2nd gen was loosing juice pretty quickly, so I had to one-up her with this addition.

- Two Shuffles - Mrs. Director one-upped me and got this for jogging. I was amazed at the size and the capacity and had to get one for for biking since my nano was pretty big for that. I got the blue one so we could tell them apart easily.

One Special Edition U2 30 Gig Video Ipod (upper right, in protective case) - This was a special gift for Mrs. Director, who is a U2 fanatic. It also double dogged, one-upped my nano. Was I going to take this sitting down?

One 80 Gig Video Ipod - The newest member of the Director household, I was clever with this one. First, I got the Mrs. Nike iPod running shoes. These ONLY work with the nano. Since I had the only one in the household, I gave her mine since I love her so much. That left me with only a shuffle, which isn't good enough for overseas plane trips, so I had to get a new iPod, and got the 80 Gig so I can watch movies.

So what has Apple got out of us? Assuming probably $250 on average for the big ones and I think $75 for the little ones, that comes out to $1400 Apple has got out of the Director household, not counting music from iTunes.

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