Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Went to Stonehenge....Sort Of

Ian: Are you telling me that this is it? This is scenery? Have you ever been to Stonehenge?

Artist: No, I haven't been to Stonehenge.

Ian: The triptychs are...the triptychs are twenty feet high. You can stand four men up them!

Artist: Ian, I was...I was...I was supposed to build it eighteen inches high.

Ian: This is insane. This isn't a piece of scenery!

From: This is Spinal Tap

Did you know that there is a Stonehenge in Texas? It's located in the Hill Country, just outside of Hunt, and I swung by to take a picture when I was in the area a few weeks ago:

The only problem is that it is a wee smaller than the original.

It is about 1/3 scale and hollow, not made out of rock. There is also some Easter Island Moai next to it, putting it even more out of place.

Just an example of what those wacky Texans can do every once in a while.

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