Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Good Pick-Up Technique

I know most of you read this blog to get my pithy business observations or to laugh at my mid-life crises. But this post is going is to give you guys out there a technique for hitting on women. I don't do this myself, of course, but saw this in action on a plane. So you women out there go on to Instapundit or something so you don't find out the secret.

I was on a full flight from Silicon Valley to Orange County and was in the window seat. A guy sat next to me in the middle seat, and on the isle a very attractive woman settled in. My neighbor looked at me, raised his eyebrows and smiled. He didn't do it, but he might as well have rubbed his hands together. I got out my book and pretended to read and watched him go to work. He had an hour to pick her up. Could he do it?

Ten minutes into the flight her hand was in his, palm up, and he was stroking it up and down, practically whispering into her ear. TEN MINUTES! How the hell did he do that? It's simple really: palm reading.

Turns out the only thing you need to know are the three major lines: The heart line, the head line and the life line.

You point these out to your target the girl, using your hand to trace them in hers. Then you make up stuff that flatters her while you stroke her hand - "you have a great love of life and possess a deep appreciation of others". Stuff like that. It's simple, really.

And if you are on a plane (or crowded bar) you can move in to whisper this stuff into her ear "so she can hear you better". So you're there with her hand in yours, whispering into her ear. You are through that pretty high "physical contact" barrier when it comes to meeting someone new.

He got her digits, no problem. Heck, they were still talking and walking together when I went off towards the parking lot, so for all I know they just continued on to their first date from there.

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