Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'll Be Drinking a Lot of Guiness

Hello from Dublin. I have me shillelagh and guidebook and will be walking Dublin over the next couple of days before I do a few days of "business" (okay, this is a bit of a boondongle). A couple of observations so far:

  • I took Aer Lingus direct from LAX. I was hoping for green-eyed, red-hair cuties to be serving, but instead got Irish grandmothers. At least they pour a stiff drink. And get this, they DON'T have Guiness on Aer Lingus. They DO have Bud. WTF?
  • Although I speak "English" (or a mix of Californian and Texan), I am having a bit of a communication problem here. Taxi drivers and waitresses have had me repeat things to them, as I have them.
  • Trinity College was interesting. It is laid out just like Rice - or should I say Rice is laid out like Trinity, although the center quadrangle concept isn't exactly unique to either college. It was strange, though seeing different buildings when standing in the middle of the quadrangle when I am so used to seeing the Rice layout.
More observations later...

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