Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bye Bye Barcelona

I am pretty sure this will be my last trip to the 3GSM tradeshow for a while - maybe for good. Attendance this year was way down and whole companies didn't show up, leaving blank booth spaces. The companies that did show up cut their number of staff significantly, so while there were still thousands of people, it was nowhere near the crowds of the past.

What this meant for me was that as a meeting venue, the show wasn't very good. For the past two years coming here would meant saving a couple of trips to Asia later, but this time it doesn't. In fact, my best meetings this year took place with companies from North America. That means next year I probably won't make the list - if my company has a list next year.

So after three years (and my fourth time overall) I am going to say adios to Barcelona. It is a great city with lots of sights, great food, and laid-back, coffee-shop hanging, pleasant people.

And they have Chris here to point me the way home.

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