Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scenes from a Korean Mall

The Coex Mall is a vast underground mall in the heart of Seoul. It spans blocks beneath huge business towers in the priciest part of the city, and has everything from movie theaters to internet lounges.

Here is a Starbucks, a Coffee Bean and a Tom Tom Coffee - all pretty much the same store - all on one corner. A fourth coffee chain "Angel in Us" is around the corner just out of view:

Maybe there are a few Irish in Korea doing mall design?

This is an underground mall but parts of it are open to the sky - so the "roof" here is ground level, sort of like a pit. It was really quite crowded, and this was past 9pm at night. It was hard to believe the Korean economy is worse than the U.S. right now.

Update: And of course, I found Window Manager Nirvana here:

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