Friday, January 15, 2010

Corporate Sales Meeting - 24 Hours of Work and Work

When people hear that I am in "sales", they imagine fancy dinners and fine hotels. And they're right, I go to these places. But they are simply part of the job, and they are just one of my many "offices".

Likewise when an entire sales team gets together for a full day of corporate training then goes out as a group, that is also "working". The strange corporate and political dynamics that are a part of any job come out, and that dining, drinking and going out has an element of fun, but anyone who forgets that they are also at "work" does so at their own risk. Doing so can create problems with colleagues, hurt future promotions, and as everyone has heard, even cost them their job in rare instances (for example someone makes a pass at the executive admin).

So I have been working hard this week in corporate training - working even harder when going out in the evenings.

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