Sunday, January 24, 2010

On Obama: I Told You So

I find it mildly amusing that people are a) surprised that Obama had a left wing ideology, b) are finding him to be an incompetent leader and c) are now surprised at all the disillusion that is setting in on now that he isn't meeting all the "hope and change" rhetoric.

Here is what I wrote Feb 6 of 2007, almost TWO YEARS ago when he was only a candidate:

For some people these days this Ultimate Gratifier is Obama. They are projecting onto him “hope” or “inspiration” or whatever else they have missing from their lives. So what is almost as scary as these people willing to vote for someone without experience is that these same people will be severely pissed when he doesn’t live up to expectations.

In some ways I see most Americans like children, and I'm the square parent - I think about what is going on, see things how they are, and give advice on what to do. But no one wants to take my advice. It's hard, it's harsh, and it takes away from the fantasy of something-for- nothing, actions without consequences. So I am not listened to. And when things go wrong - and they always do - I don''t get any credit, but I will be expected to bail everyone out.

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