Monday, March 29, 2010

Ohhhhh...A New Vodka to Try?

It's gotta beat Sam's Club Vodka: Diegeo to Introduce Rokk in U.S. Vodka Wars

Diageo PLC plans to unveil a Swedish vodka in the U.S. this summer in a direct assault on Constellation Brands Inc.'s Svedka, a fast-growing "cheap chic" brand that has stolen market share from Diageo's Smirnoff and other vodkas.

Diageo's new Rökk, its first Swedish-made vodka in the U.S., is part of a flurry of new liquor products that the London drinks giant is rolling out in the U.S.

Unfortunately the article is behind a paid wall, but basically Vodka sales are going strong in the U.S., but shifting towards lower priced brands (gee, I wonder why).

In "fair use", I will publish this helpful drinking chart of which Vodkas to try:


Rorschach said...

back when I was a CE product manager and my liver more battered, I quite liked Sobieski (shout out to my polish homeys.)

surprisingly clean and not too pricey!


john said...

Two words.

Three Olives.