Monday, October 25, 2010

From Behind the Great Firewall

So I am posting from behind the Great Fire Wall, have downloaded my WSJ to my iPad and have had no problems hitting the right-of-center news and web sites I like.

Wait...there's a knock at the door and some angry voices...who could it be??

Update: It was housekeeping.  However, I will note that Facebook *IS* blocked. A not-kept-up-to-date list of blocked sites is listed here on Wikipedia (which is blocked in Chinese)


Rorschach said...

I had someone explain it once to me, that "they" exercise pop-up control in situational and location specific events. The excuse given was to prevent misinformation or mob formation. Who knows, everything (except pandora!) worked for me last time I was there.


Director Mitch said...

I figured that was the case. I am in a "Western" hotel, so theorized that most of the internet is open for the guests here. But I did find that Facebook is blocked, which must be a nation-wide ban.