Thursday, November 10, 2016

A CEO (President) Doesn't Run the Company (Country), the Staff Does

One of the reasons I am so thrilled about the election is not Trump himself.  Now I think he's great, but as "true conservatives" have pointed out no one would have called him a "conservative" before the election. 

But the fact of the matter is that a leader's white-tower philosophy is not what counts, it is the goals he sets, the people he puts around him, and the culture his team creates.  And those goals and culture flow all the way down to the worker-bee level to decide what gets done and what doesn't.

The federal bureaucracy is made up of 100s of 1000s of people.  Each day they make literally millions of decisions: Of all these immigration applications, do I push on the Muslim ones and let the others wait because I know the top guy wants that?  Of all these EPA rules I see broken today do I enforce the obscure rule that some rancher in Wyoming broke, or the toxic dumping by the company whose CEO is chummy with Obama?   Do I hold this illegal immigrant and send him back, or do I let him slide since I know the very top guy is open borders?

The President doesn't run the country.  The bureaucracy does.  And for the past eight years they have collectively enforced social engineering (like trannies in the military), open borders and mass Muslim inflow rather than the collective interests and culture of the people they are supposed to serve because that is the culture Obama created.  Those were the goals he set. 

Now there are new goals, and even before Trump announces his cabinet, the bureaucracy knows what his goals are.  So I am hoping that the worker-bees in all the thousands of government offices across the US are already looking at their inbox and making "Trump decisions" about which paper to push, which law to enforce, how to stop being sloppy on immigration.  They know who the CEO will be in two months and what work will be rewarded.

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