Wednesday, November 09, 2016

I'm Back!

My phone rang this morning. "Hello?"

"Mitch, it's Donald."

"Hello, Don. Um, Mr. President Elect."

"Mitch, I'm a busy guy, but wanted to ask before I get going on my administration where your blog has been these past five years."

"Well, it was a combination of fear of political correctness - being found out about my political views and having to pay the price - and loss of hope for America."

"Do you feel that way this morning?"

"No, Don, er, Mr. President Elect."

"Good.  Start it back up.  Make it great again."  The phone went dead.

And here we are.   Not that blogging has any sort of audience any more.  Everyone these days is on social media, and blogging has consolidated into a few major guys and niche players. I don't expect traffic to ever get back up to what it was, but I write more for my amusement than anything else.

Like before this blog will be mostly about business, economic and political observations with a few personal interests thrown in.  My new interest is tinnitus, which is a special sort of hell. 

But more on that later.  Today I rejoice.

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Anonymous said...

I never removed you from my feed. So glad you're back!