Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Politicians Think Only Politicians Should Do Politics

I don't know anything at all about Sec State nominee Tillerson.  I do know that it takes a rare individual to start at the bottom of one of the largest companies in the world and move his way up to the CEO's desk (like GE's Jack Welch).   The people who do this are unusually talented, incredible at internal politics, and work unbelievably hard.  They are also "lucky", by making their own luck, and jumping on opportunities when they present themselves.
The other thing I will say about public company CEOs I have met is, to a man (and all I have met have been men), they have all had a screw loose.  My personal take is that it takes someone who "thinks different" to work all their way up an existing corporation, or to start then grow a company into a public corporation.  Examples everyone knows is Jobs, Gates and Bezos.  I have no personal history with these three, but heard a lot of direct stories from people who have.  Their zaniness or oddness is not necessarily bad, but are examples of how CEOs are simply different than other people (Trump would also fit into this category).
My take away from my years of business is that Tillerson is probably a good pick for the job, and certainly better than Clinton (experience: First Lady and 1.5 term Senator) or Kerry (experience: career politician who never spent a day in private industry, and married to a billionairess).
As usual cuckservatives McCain and Rubio mouth off against him instead of presenting a united republican front.  One thought here is that Trump needs a "sacrificial lamb" on his cabinet picks to shoot down, taking the heat away from a few his other incredibly good picks that will meet resistance.  By letting the Senate shoot down one, the democrats can claim one scalp and let the others through unscathed.

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