Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hillary Tech Supporters Getting What They Deserve

I have commented before about the rampant H1B visa abuse by Silicon Valley.  There is open age discrimination at companies like Facebook and Google, who pass on seasoned American tech engineers in favor of cheap slave laborers from India, China, and other locations.
So I was smiling quite wide this morning upon seeing Google's head explode on Trump's first immigration restrictions.  And note this is even before the H1B visa abuse is even addressed.
The Silicon Valley titans have benefited from being in America, but then purposely turned away from American workers to fuel their growth.  The idea of an "engineering shortage" is BS.  I have been in tech for over a quarter a century and have seen scores and scores of American engineers be laid off and desperate searching for jobs at the same time that Microsoft and others openly lobbied for more H1B visas.  I have seen even low-level workers making as little as $80K (not a whole lot in California) be laid off so an H1B worker from the Middle East could be brought in making $40K less (poverty wages in Silicon Valley).  Then the old worker had to train the new worker.  Repeat this en mass, as seen in public reports at IT departments like Disney or even California's University System.
In the mean time the CEOs pull in millions upon millions of dollars in salary, see their stock in the billions.  And instead of investing in training Americans, or hiring older US workers at higher cost, they rather import cheap labor. 
It is payback time.

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