Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tech Boycotts Work Both Ways

Most technology engagements aren't "buy-sell" relationships.  They usually are for commodity items like capacitors or memory, but everything above the commodity level requires a closer relationship, often custom or joint development. 
This means that for advanced technology engagements someone in the selling organization has to filter through many interested companies, pick only a few to engage with, then effectively act as an internal agent for the potential customer.  This means running down the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), grabbing the right people in development to tweak this or change that, and make sure the busy engineers make time to customize the product or do development for the customer's specification.  Without this internal agent the customization won't happen, and the customer won't get the tech he is interested in.
There are 800lb gorillas who get attention from a tech provider no matter what they do (Apple for example), but there are lots and lots of tech companies (especially start-ups) working on various gizmos that need the help and support of vendors.  By definition only a few customers can be customized at any one time, so a selling organization can pick and choose who to work with.  What many tech companies don't realize is that their left-wing hatred is putting them on an enemies list, and they won't ever get served.
Just last week I got an email from an extremely large company that isn't yet into tech hardware, but apparently is interested.  However, based on their left-wing positioning and stated boycotts of those who don't agree with them, I let their inquiry fall on deaf ears.  They are welcome to buy my commodity products that are on the open market (like anyone else in the world), but since I can pick and choose who to cultivate and serve for advanced technology they are not getting my time.
Of course they will never know this.  They are just one of many left-wingers who cannot imagine someone having a different point of view from them, and don't even realize their intolerance is backfiring on them in myriad ways.  Just like the election itself.

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