Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some American Beer Taste Like it Is from P#@$, This One Really Is

Enter this into the category of taking recycling way too far: San Diego Brewery Uses Recycled Toilet Water to Make Beer
I like Stone Brewery, but come on guys.  Coors advertises its pristine Rocky Mountain water, and this is sort of the opposite.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Yoga and TMJ Tinnitus

I have covered before my now eight-month ordeal with tinnitus, caused by TMJ disorder.  It has been a slow recovery, and it could be one without an end since there is no guarantee that my "T" will ever get to zero.
However, I have gone from a 7/10 to a steady 2/10, and now with increasing incidences of 1/10.  And at a 1, the ringing is well below ambient noise level in a restaurant or bar.  I don't hear it at all in those situations.
Like most recoveries the improvement has been asymptotic.  I was stuck at a steady "2" it seems for months, but I finally started hearing more days of "1" after I started yoga.  It could be a coincidence, but I think there is something to it since TMJ disorder is related to tendons, joints and musculature.  It makes sense that stretching and strengthening would have some benefits.
The pose that I think helps the most: Standing Separate Leg, Head to Knee Pose (they have an Indian name for it that sounds like all of them: blablabla-strassena).  Having to twist my forehead to touch my knee seems to do all sorts of stuff in my ear area (and my knee is way bent unlike the model in the link).  Maybe it increases blood flow, maybe it is stretching the tendon, but something definitely happens in my TMJ area with that pose.
Here is a summary of my T improvement curve and the tools I have used.  The question is will I ever get to a 0?



Monday, March 13, 2017

The Restaurant Experience is Declining in California

But my guess is that California restaurant revenues are up due to inflation and steady traffic at very high-end restaurants that serve the upper-crust in LA and SF.  But I think the mid and low-end of the spectrum is flat to down as this segment massively makes cuts to offset increases in wages. 
I have watched over the past two years as an ever increasing number of restaurants become  "countertop ordering" where customers order at the register.  You then get a number and someone brings you your food, or even worse, they call your name and you have to make your way up and fetch the food yourself.  This is fine for a pizza joint or fast food, but the problem is that this is happening everywhere at places that are supposed to be family or casual dining.  At a mall close to my house there are over a dozen places to eat, but only one has wait-staff.
Outside of pizza or lunch I simply refuse to eat at a place like that.  There are a couple of mom and pops that I frequent that have wait-staff, but they are not exactly cheap to eat at any more. 
I think counter-top dining and $8 beers seem to be the future of most California dining.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Democrats Hate Americans?

I watched the President's speech last night, and I can't find any reason anyone would find it objectable.  I was quite angry, however, watching the democrats sit on their hands when the president said his job was to advocate for the American people.
After eight years of Obama the democrats are that far gone - democrats hate Americans and think their job is to promote the interests of someone from Guatemala over some poor American from Middle America.
I am especially surprised that blacks would continue to support democrats as mass immigration has taken away the vast majority of low-end jobs typically occupied by their constituency.  But maybe I shouldn't be surprised  - the majority of democrats don't worry about their constituents, but rather are more concerned about their own power and how to maintain it.