Thursday, February 12, 2004

Vegas? Again?

I will be attending my third trade show in four months tomorrow in Vegas. Not a big surprise since it is the city picked most often for trade shows, but it is getting OLD. I have been to Vegas dozens of times on business and pleasure and the city has just lost that magic it had when I first started going.

I have stayed on every major hotel on the Strip and Downtown. I have been to all the casinos, most of the shows and many of the better restaurants. While I enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment, it is something I am simply not interested in doing for hours on end, so, in short, Vegas gets boring for me in about a day. The grand hotels and glitz just seem like the tacky, Americanized bastardizations of the real places I have been to (Paris, Rome, Venice, etc.). It's "been there, done that".

Anyway, the trade shows are interesting, and that is why I am going. I will post a report on PMA/DIMA (Photo Marketing Association/Digital Imaging Marketing Association) by Monday. I hope to see some interesting products and trends for consumer imaging products, sort of a specialized case of what I reported from CES.

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