Tuesday, March 09, 2004

If You Are Against Outsourcing, You Must Be Against The "Do Not Call Registry"

So you are upset about Americans losing jobs?

1. Telemarketing Jobs Lost Due to "Do Not Call List" - 2 million to 6.5 million, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

2. Jobs Lost in U.S. Due to Outsourcing - Hard to find an exact number for an issue so many people are upset about, but halfway down this article it states that Forester Research estimates 3.3 million jobs will be be outsourced by 2015

So if you are upset about 3.3 million jobs going overseas in the next decade and want to so something, it seems to me that getting rid of the Do Not Call Registry will be a much faster and easier way to bring back jobs to America. After all, as I stated before, one of the riskiest things about doing business in the U.S. is being regulated out of existance by the government - which also leads to a loss of jobs - which is what happened to telemarketers.

Funny, getting rid of those 2 million+ telemarketing jobs was soooo popular with politicians of both stripes...

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