Sunday, March 07, 2004

Since When Did Coffee Need Ordering Instructions?

I was at Starbucks this morning for my daily amphetamine caffeine fix and noticed that, in order to help their clients, Starbucks has published an instruction book on how to order coffee.

Obviously this book is not for boring people like me (just coffee, please), but for people who like showing off how sophisticated they by ordering complicated drinks (you know the type). Here are the instructions for entering your order at Starbucks and some examples:

Step 1: Cup
Step 2: Shots and Size
Step 3: Syrup
Step 4: Milk and Other Modifiers
Step 5: Drink

So you order an Iced, decaf, tripple-grande, cinnamon no-fat, no-whip mocha, or Grande quad ristretto non-fat dry cappuccino.

Got it? Me neither. I'll just stick to coffee. It's the caffeine that's important anyway. And you can check your personality type by entering your Starbucks order here.

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