Sunday, May 09, 2004

Google Taking the MS Route on Blogger

I take a lot of flack for using Blogger, but there is just a certain amount of inertia after being on this service for over half a year. Besides, for just about anything Blogger lacks in functionality, there always seems to be an outside company/vendor/person willing to take up the slack. For example, my comments are provided by Haloscan, my RSS feed is provided by Feedburner, and so on.

Blogger upgraded its service this weekend and besides a different look for the editing screens, comments are now provided (I'll decide later whether to convert over or not). I bet over time more and more of the outside services provided to Blogger users will eventually be pulled into the service itself (exception: RSS feed since Google has put their bets on Atom).

This is similar to what Microsoft did with its operating system. All sorts of little pilot fish fed off the morsels left behind by MS, but over time the MS shark ate the pilot fish, absorbing more and more of the third party functionality into its OS.

I am not making a judgment call since it is a perfectly viable business plan to provide "one stop shopping" to customers. It is just interesting to watch, especially as Google nears it IPO.

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