Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Rock and Roll Station FM 95.5 KLOS Endorses Left-Wing Causes

Coming back to the office from lunch today I happen to have my radio on FM 95.5, which is your basic rock-and-roll station. Between songs the disk jockey, Cynthia Fox, starts in on a five minute endorsement of Michael Moore and his latest film, gushing with pleasure of how the film is "moving people" to "get involved" and encouraged everyone to see the film as well as some Moore interview that is on tonight. There was no mention of the film's lies and distortions, the wild-eye conspiracy theories it endorses, or the simple fact that lots of Americans - around half - just might happen to disagree with the film.

Ms. Fox is certainly entitled to her point of view, but this five minute love fest to Moore was more suitable for Air America than a music station, and it's disappointing that she had to stoop to this tactic to get her views across to the public. If I want to listen to a radio station promote left-wing causes, there are plenty of stations like Pacifica or NPR I can listen to (I assume Air America will be off the air shortly).

It isn't surprising that the station is owned by ABC Radio. Needless to say the station is no longer programmed into my radio.

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