Friday, September 24, 2004

Watching Sunrise Move Over the Blogosphere

Here I am in the Korean Air lounge waiting for my plane and reading blogs. The neat thing about blogging overseas is watching sunrise over the U.S. blogosphere. West coast bloggers are fast asleep except for the odd insomniac posting at 2:49am, but the East Coast bloggers are starting to stir, and the early risers are starting to post, coffee in hand. Over the next hour as 6am comes and goes on the East Coast, blogging traffic will pick up considerably in the East. By the time the West Coast bloggers get up and see what news transpired while they slept, the East Coast guys are on their second or third post of the day and thinking about lunch.

Of course the opposite happens in the evening as the West Coast twilight bloggers post while the East Coast guys are fast asleep.

And all this while, we traveling jetlagged travelers post at any and all hours without any discernible pattern.

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