Friday, October 08, 2004

I Guess It Isn't Too Late to Send Your Party Money

As we enter the three week stretch for the election, I think that all the money for election spending is already earmarked. There are still mailings, phone banks, and other activities, but the time it takes to just process donations means that any money sent in now would probably come in after the election - a donation now really won't help things one way or another.

Of course both parties will likely have debts to pay off after the election, so any money will help, but the average voter is probably going to be tapering off his donation efforts as the campaign enters the home stretch.

The RNC apparently is aware of this notion and is doing something about it. I received a request for a donation today in the mail with a FedEx return envelope. Everything is there - a FedEx Airbill with the address made out to the RNC and an official FedEx Envelope.

I guess this flier conveys a higher sense of urgency than "please donate on-line today!", since on-line is definitely the fastest way to get money into your favorite campaign.

The other interesting thing about campaign requests is who "sends" the letters. On the RNC side I have received requests from George, Laura, Dick and various non-elected RNC officials. This one is from Dick, so he obviously dashed this off to me after he crushed the Boy Wonder in the debate.

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