Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Taking Drink Orders Now for Election Night Party

I've decided to hold an election night party next week, which will hopefully turn into a victory celebration. So far I have RSVPs from bloggers XRLQ, Sneakeasy, and Rorschach. In addition I have about half a dozen non-bloggers showing up. The invite requires you to be a Bush supporter, although not a republican, as I have one Democrat for Bush coming. Like Zell, she feels "betrayed by her party".

We will, of course, be watching Fox for the evening's returns in my Fabulous New Back YardTM (bring a jacket). WIFI is available for anyone who wants to live blog the event or the returns.

Anyway, I have started to put together a drink list for the evening. If you have a request or suggestion to add to this list, let me know:
Green With Envy Apple Martini
If you think libs are upset now, just wait until a second Bush term. They’ll be green with envy with republicans staying in power another four years, and what better way to piss them off even further than toasting a Bush victory with a cool mix of Kettle One vodka and Apple Pucker.

Rumsfeld and Coke
Large amounts of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum with just a little bit of coke, for that extra caffeine jolt for watching the returns. A drink Rummy himself recommends after doing battle with the press.

Gin and Tax Cut Tonic
Tax cuts are the tonic to any recession, and this drink will pull you out any depression you may be feeling. Made with Tanqueray, the only gin served in the Director’s household.

Comrade Vodka Tonic
Workers of the World will rejoice if Comrade Kerry gets elected, so if returns aren’t looking good, you can join the proletariat and start drinking the heavy amounts of vodka you are going to need for the next four years. Made with Chopin potato vodka for an authentic taste.

You Don’t Know Jack
Dems know little and Kerry even less. So feel free to toast his ignorance with a Jack and coke, Jack on Ice, or Jack neat.

Patriot Sam Adams
What better beer to have during the election than one named after a Founding Father?

Undocumented Coronas
Caught illegally north of the border, these beers aren’t getting the right to vote in this election.

Liberal Wine
Hopefully what we’ll be hearing from the left for the next four years. Red and white available.

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