Monday, March 07, 2005

U2 Can Be A Cock(er)

Actually the title should be reversed in order, but it was funnier this way.

First, let me say that as a Child of the 80's, I think U2 is one of the greatest bands of that decade (they were really late 80s and 90s). And "One" is one of their greatest hits - it was even named on of the greatest songs ever.

So imagine my dismay when I heard a remake on the radio. It was horrible. It sounded like it was done by a lounge lizard act at the local Holiday Inn: it was way over the top, the vocals sucked, and the mixing was terrible. And there was some Irish melody going on in the background. It. Was. Awful.

I actually waited until the end of song to find out who it was and it was Joe Cocker.

No one - and I mean no one - could release a song this bad and get radio play. It's only because the damn Boomers have some thing for him that he gets any air play. And what do they know? They also thing think Bob Dylan can sing.

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