Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Free Airport WIFI

As I sit here waiting in John Wayne Airport for my flight this morning I found a free WIFI node provided by an outfit called Nextphase Wireless. I don't know why it's free, except maybe to "seed" people into using it, then once they get people using it, they can ask for money once they hit critical mass. But that really isn't necessary in an airport. Looking through their web site, their model seems to be to get property owners to provide the service, but I can't imagine a government entity providing it for free. Maybe it isn't "free", but was a 10 cent adder to my higher-than-usual cup of Starbucks (nearly $3 just for a Venti coffee).

Just a tip for the next time anyone is stuck in John Wayne (I was going to add that John Wayne is the only airport named after an actor. However, that's not true, is it? Reagan National is named after an president, who was once an actor. Maybe it is the only U.S. airport named for an actor)?

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