Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Calvin and Hobbs Returns For a Limited Engagement

I stopped reading comics at the same time I stopped getting the local paper. I currently only get the WSJ, a couple of magazines, and get additional news on-line. It's been over a decade since I've had a subscription to a local paper and don't miss it at all. I'm just not interested in reading left-wing diatribes and in-depth articles on local murders.

One item I largely can't get on-line are comic strips. There are exceptions - Dilbert broke through, in part, due to being one of the first internet-distributed comics - but this has never bothered me since 95% of the comics out there just aren't interesting. Reading them is largely a waste of time.

But one of the more amusing ones - Calvin and Hobbs - is returning for a four week special engagement. However, true to form, it will be only in print. Big mistake if you ask me since the whole purpose of the limited run is to advertise a new book, but they didn't ask my opinion.

Hat Tip: voluntary Xchange

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