Monday, August 01, 2005

Going to Bat for Your People

One marking of a poor manager is the unwillingness or inability to "got to bat" for the people under them. I have seen time and again (and have worked under) managers that are unwilling to support, back-up, protect from senior management, or spend political capital for those that are supposedly "under their wing". Those types of managers are looking out for themselves, are unsure of their ability, and sway to whatever political wind is blowing. You want to avoid these sorts of managers whenever possible; they have no backbone.

For this reason I am giving kudos to President Bush for sticking by Bolton as ambassador to the UN. No matter what your politics, you have to admire Bush's commitment to stand by the person under him and not get swayed by the political winds - that would have been the easy thing to do. And this particular post is not important - ambassador to a failed, worthless organization - and has a job responsibility that basically consists of voting how the president tells them to vote. The president should put in that slot whomever he wants.

As a manager, it's easy to change your mind in the face of adversity. What's hard is sticking with your decisions - and your people - when the going gets tough.

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