Sunday, August 28, 2005

Interesting Web Site for Frequent Fliers

Those of us who have logged a lot of air miles have idly wondered about stewardess uniforms. After all, they're hard not to notice as they hand you your ration of peanuts and pour your favorite beverage. I've wondered about who designed them, why everyone's are different, if the stewardesses themselves had any input on them, and what the goal of the designer was (Southwest's "shorts outfit" seems the most comfortable, Singapore Airline's the best for being eye candy for the traveling business executive).

While these questions aren't answered, there is a website dedicated to tracking down and cataloging the uniforms of every airline possible, including those no longer in business. It isn't 100% current (for example, the Southwest "shorts outfit" is not included), but it covers the vast majority of airlines that ever existed.

The only complaint I have about the site is that it uses mannequins instead of real models for the uniforms. Using real models could make it a really interesting site.

Hat Tip: Am I a Pundit Now?

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