Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Waiting on Convergence

One of the nice things about starting a new full-time job is all the new gizmos that I get on the Company nickel. The latest is a new cellphone, which is a RAZR GSM (catalog photo):

I give it thumbs-up on design and sleekness, but the functionality is no different from other phones out there, which means it's okay, but not great. This device is more about fashion than function. The Bluetooth headset - which will make it a real fashion accessory - is due in next week, allowing me to join all those geeks in San Jose airport wearing what looks like an oversized, glowing earring.

So with this I am now carrying around three slim, cool electronics accessories with me whenever I travel:
  1. RAZR Cellphone - Necessary for business
  2. iPod nano - Necessary for the flight over
  3. Casio Exilim DSC 3 Megapixel - Necessary for any touring I get while on my trip
Each of these are quite slim and does its individual job very, very well, and while there are a few gizmos out there that will do all three functions, they all suck as multifunction products.

For example, the new iPod cellphone, the ROKR, is larger than simply duct-taping a RAZR to a nano, which would give you the same functionality. And, of course, the ROKR has a 100 song limit, greatly restricting its usefulness. Likewise, the RAZR actually has a built-in camera, but the image quality sucks, and VGA is not the resolution I want if I manage to get away for some touring.

So while I would like to combine all three devices into one to save size and weight in my computer bag, it looks like I will be carrying multiple devices for at least the next several years.

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