Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Different Thought on Christmas

Most blogs have a Christmas greeting, a Season's Greeting, a quote from the Bible, or maybe some thoughts on Christmases past. I thought I would take a different approach and look at Christmas from an intellectual perspective.

So put aside the scripture and spirituality, and consider what Christmas represents from a religious studies perspective: God entering His own creation as one of His creations (for the sake of simplicity I am unifying the Trinity).

In various other religions God comes down as some sort of super being or other supernatural manifestation, or if He wants to simply communicate sends a messenger of some sort like an angel or prophet. In Christmas we have God entering the world as a baby. He then grows up and lives decades in the world He created not as God, but as a man, experiencing the human condition.

So if the Christian God does this, the next question is why. I leave that as a mental exercise to the reader.

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